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Ark: Survival Evolved (2017) Game Icons and Banners


Ark: Survival Evolved (2017) Game Icons and Banners, Released in August 2017, “Ark: Survival Evolved” is a survival game developed by Studio Wildcard. Set on a mysterious island filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, the game challenges players to survive by hunting, crafting, building shelters, and taming wildlife.

One of the standout features of the game is its extensive customization options, including a variety of game icons and banners that players can use to personalize their experience. In this article, we’ll explore the different game icons and banners available in “Ark: Survival Evolved,” their significance, and how players can use them to enhance their gameplay.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of Game Icons and Banners
  2. Types of Game Icons
  3. Types of Banners
  4. How to Unlock Icons and Banners
  5. Customization Tips and Tricks
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Overview of Game Icons and Banners

Game icons and banners play a significant role in “Ark: Survival Evolved.” These visual elements not only add a layer of personalization but also serve practical purposes. Icons can represent various game elements such as resources, creatures, and tools, while banners can be used to mark territories, signal team affiliation, and decorate bases.

Table 1: Common Game Icons and Their Uses

IconDescriptionUse Case
WoodRepresents wood resourceUsed in crafting and building structures
StoneRepresents stone resourceUsed in crafting tools and constructing buildings
DinosaurRepresents various dinosaursIndicates tamed creatures and their statuses
CampfireRepresents campfire toolUsed for cooking food and providing warmth
BedRepresents respawn pointUsed for setting respawn locations

Game icons help players quickly identify and manage resources, tools, and creatures. For instance, the wood and stone icons are essential for crafting and building, while the dinosaur icon is crucial for managing tamed creatures.

2. Types of Game Icons

“Ark: Survival Evolved” features a wide range of game icons, each serving different purposes. These icons can be broadly categorized into resource icons, tool icons, creature icons, and status icons.

Table 2: Detailed Breakdown of Resource Icons

Resource IconResource NameUsage
FiberPlant FiberUsed in crafting basic tools and structures
MetalMetal OreUsed in crafting advanced tools and weapons
FlintFlintUsed in crafting sparkpowder and tools
HideAnimal HideUsed in crafting armor and saddles
ThatchThatchUsed in building basic structures

Each resource icon represents a specific material needed for various crafting recipes. Recognizing these icons helps players gather and manage their resources more efficiently.

3. Types of Banners

Banners in “Ark: Survival Evolved” are primarily used for decoration and identification. They can be customized with different colors and designs, allowing tribes to create unique emblems and flags that represent their identity.

Table 3: Common Banner Types and Their Functions

Banner TypeDescriptionFunction
Tribe BannerRepresents a player’s tribeUsed to mark tribe territory and identify tribe members
War BannerSignals readiness for combatUsed to boost morale and signal attack readiness
Event BannerCelebrates special eventsUsed to decorate bases during in-game events
Custom BannerPersonalized designs by playersUsed for personal or tribe decoration
Achievement BannerUnlocks upon achievementsUsed to display player’s accomplishments

Banners serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. They can denote ownership, signal readiness for battle, and celebrate achievements, enhancing the game’s immersive experience.

4. How to Unlock Icons and Banners

Unlocking icons and banners in “Ark: Survival Evolved” often involves progressing through the game, completing specific tasks, or participating in events. Some icons and banners are available from the start, while others require unlocking through achievements or in-game purchases.

Table 4: Methods to Unlock Icons and Banners

Leveling UpEarn new icons and banners as you level up your characterUnlock resource and tool icons
AchievementsComplete in-game achievements to unlock special bannersAchievement banners for defeating bosses
EventsParticipate in special events to earn exclusive bannersEvent banners for holidays or game anniversaries
CraftingCraft certain banners using in-game resourcesCustom banners with unique designs
PurchasesBuy exclusive icons and banners through DLCs or storesSpecial icons and banners from expansions

Understanding how to unlock various icons and banners can help players enhance their gameplay experience and show off their accomplishments.

5. Customization Tips and Tricks

Customizing game icons and banners allows players to express their individuality and creativity. Here are some tips and tricks for effective customization in “Ark: Survival Evolved”:

Table 5: Customization Tips

Color CoordinationMatch banner colors with your tribe’s theme
SymbolismUse icons that represent your tribe’s values
Strategic PlacementPlace banners in visible and strategic locations
Regular UpdatesUpdate banners to reflect achievements and events
Community CollaborationCollaborate with tribe members for design ideas

By following these tips, players can create a visually appealing and meaningful presence in the game.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How do I create custom banners in “Ark: Survival Evolved”?

A1: To create custom banners, you need to use the in-game crafting system. Gather the necessary resources, such as fiber and dye, and use a paintbrush to design your banner. You can also import custom designs using external tools and apply them to your banners.

Q2: Can I trade icons and banners with other players?

A2: While you cannot trade icons directly, you can share resources and designs with tribe members. Collaboration within tribes allows for the creation and exchange of customized banners.

Q3: What are the rarest icons and banners in the game?

A3: The rarest icons and banners are typically unlocked through special achievements or limited-time events. Examples include banners earned from defeating end-game bosses or participating in seasonal events.

Q4: Are there any limitations to customizing banners?

A4: Customizing banners is limited by the resources available and the design tools provided in the game. However, creative use of colors and symbols can overcome many limitations, allowing for unique and personalized designs.

Q5: How can I showcase my banners to other players?

A5: Place your banners in prominent locations within your base or around your territory. Participating in tribe wars and events also gives you opportunities to showcase your banners to other players.


Game icons and banners in “Ark: Survival Evolved” provide players with a rich avenue for personalization and strategic advantage. By understanding the different types of icons and banners, how to unlock them, and tips for customization, players can enhance their gameplay experience and express their unique identities in the game world. Whether marking territory, celebrating achievements, or signaling readiness for battle, these visual elements play a crucial role in the immersive experience that “Ark: Survival Evolved” offers.

Table 6: Summary of Key Points

Key PointDescription
Game IconsVisual representations of resources, tools, and creatures
BannersDecorative elements for marking territory and signaling
Unlock MethodsLeveling up, achievements, events, crafting, and purchases
Customization TipsColor coordination, symbolism, strategic placement
Rare Icons and BannersEarned through achievements and limited-time events
Showcasing BannersPlace in prominent locations and participate in events

By leveraging the information and tips provided in this article, players can maximize their enjoyment and effectiveness in “Ark: Survival Evolved,” making their journey through the prehistoric world even more rewarding.

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