Enso Botanicals – Buddha’s Blend


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  • 50mg Organic Ginger
  • 100mg Golden Teachers
  • 350mg Lion’s Mane
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Enso Botanicals – Buddha’s Blend for sale
Enso Botanicals’ Buddha’s Blend for sale is an exceptional herbal product that offers a wide range of potential benefits. Crafted with a thoughtful combination of high-quality herbs such as kanna, blue lotus, and passionflower, it provides a unique and powerful experience. Kanna, a mood-enhancing herb native to South Africa, has been used for centuries to elevate mood and reduce anxiety levels. Blue lotus, known for its soothing properties and ability to promote relaxation, synergistically complements the effects of kanna. Additionally, passionflower contributes to stress reduction and aids in achieving a tranquil state of mind. Enso Botanicals ensures only the purest ingredients are used in their products, resulting in an exceptionally potent blend that consistently delivers the intended effects. The rigorous quality control measures implemented by Enso Botanicals guarantee customer satisfaction while adhering to the highest standards in the industry. With its well-balanced formulation and reliable effects, Buddha’s Blend by Enso Botanicals is an outstanding choice for those seeking natural herbal support for stress relief and enhanced well-being.


  • 50mg Organic Ginger
  • 100mg Golden Teachers
  • 350mg Lion’s Mane

Microdosing mushrooms refers to taking small amounts of psychedelic mushrooms, such as psilocybin, to experience mild effects without full-blown hallucinations. This practice has gained popularity in recent years as individuals have claimed numerous therapeutic benefits. Microdosers report increased creativity, improved focus, enhanced mood, and reduced anxiety and depression symptoms. While scientific studies on the effects of microdosing are limited, some research suggests that low doses of psilocybin can stimulate neuroplasticity and promote the growth of new neural connections in the brain. Additionally, anecdotal evidence suggests that microdosing may help individuals develop a heightened sense of self-awareness and empathy. It is important to note that the legality surrounding psilocybin varies across jurisdictions; therefore, obtaining and using mushrooms for microdosing purposes should be done within legal boundaries. As with any psychoactive substance, caution should be exercised, especially for those with pre-existing mental health conditions or a history of adverse reactions to psychedelics.


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